Application Modernization

Embark on an end-to-end transformation of legacy applications to newer technologies and architectures to mitigate cost and risks, with FORZIA’s Application Modernization Services.

Client Challenges
  • Increased TCO
  • Time and cost of introducing new products or services amidst constant regulatory and compliance changes
  • Enterprise integration
  • New channel requirements
  • Unsupported technologies, which pose huge risks for application maintenance
  • Non-strategic technologies and shortage of skills
  • Redundancies in application portfolio across business functions and technologies
What FORZIA Provides

We, at FORZIA, provide a variety of application modernization services to address numerous customer-specific problems. FORZIA’s solutions cover the entire spectrum of services:

  • Assessment
  • Planning
  • Strategy definition
  • Execution
  • Assurance
  • Implementation
  • Post-implementation support
  • Application Modernization Assessment
  • Migration
  • Re-hosting to a New Platform
  • Application Rationalization
  • Service Oriented Architecture Transformation
  • Application Re-engineering
Key Solutions
  • Application Portfolio Assessment: Review the application portfolio to assess risks, issues and constraints. Identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement that align with your business and IT strategies.
  • Legacy to SOA Conversion services: Obtain a view of application modernization options for improving the value of existing applications in a target SOA environment including recommended implementation approaches, tooling, risks, issues, constraints and mitigation plans.
  • Application analysis and Implementation services: Identify and evaluate options for application modernization based on a detailed analysis and discovery of the application software and consider recommendations for a target architecture and modernization roadmap based on business value and ROI.
  • Application Documentation Services: Develop application documentation to support modernization or improve maintenance and testing efficiency.
  • Application and data rationalization Services: Consolidate and rationalize data and applications to eliminate redundancy, improve efficiency and make improvements to data quality.
The key differentiators in FORZIA’s capabilities include the following:
  • Proven solution frameworks and process assets
  • Automation tools
  • Capability to build / enhance the tools for customer or engagement-specific purposes
    The value proposition of FORZIA’s application modernization services lies in its easy to implement solutions and the low-risk transformation using cutting edge technology platforms.
    Business Value
  • IT TCO reduction and mitigation of legacy skills issue
  • Improved time-to-market for new products and / or services amidst regulatory or compliance changes
  • Integrated enterprise applications
  • Ability to add new channel requirements with reuse
  • Exit from non-strategic and unsupported technologies
  • Ability to spend more on strategic initiatives, with a modernized portfolio
  • Preservation of critical business processes from legacy applications
  • Reduced application portfolio bloat, leading to simplification and standardization